Storing and Distributing Content Online

One of the key aspects of the Ulwazi Programme, was to make available local, indigenous information online. We trained participants in digital media production as well as content management using a number of tools.

There are a number of ways to store information online so that it is accessible to a variety of users. Each of these uses different systems and software, has its own nuances and applications, and one may be more appropriate than another depending on the type of project. More than one of these approaches can also be used simultaneously depending on the specific project requirements.


A database is simply information that has been organised using digital tools so that each piece of content can be individually accessed and managed. Each item within the database is defined according to a number of set criteria, allowing users to retrieve and present content in different ways. Databases hold data that has been categorised and made accessible. However, without other software such as a Content Management System (see below)  this data is not easily accessible as it is not filtered and presented in a user-friendly way.


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