Top Trends for 2020: Micro-Learning

Trend Hunter has recently released its trend report for 2020 with one trend highlighted being micro-learning.

Micro-learning is the act of providing short, engaging educational content on a digital platform. As education moves away from established service providers, more brands are now offering micro-learning solutions to consumers – delivered by mobile web or app – who are looking to integrate professional or personal development into their lives.

Trend Hunter writes:

With shortened attention spans and busy personal and work lives, consumers are now accustomed to news and information coming to them in the form of short soundbites and articles. Micro-learning platforms are a reaction to this shift. The adoption of these shortened educational solutions comes as time-strapped consumers who are regularly balancing several responsibilities seek out low-commitment forms of professional development.

In South Africa, there is a focus on issues around primary education, and particularly mathematics and literacy. In response to this need, the washing powder OMO offers a micro-learning app for school-level mathematics called Fast Kids. This gamified micro-learning platform lets users practice general mathematical skills – linked to the South African curriculum – providing reports on progress to parents. Users receive ‘coins’ to redeem virtual or real goods. Access to the platform is provided through a code on the OMO washing powder packaging, i.e. users need to regularly buy the product in order to keep using the platform.

More on the OMO Fast Kids miro-learning platform

With the skills crisis in South Africa – coupled with high unemployment and concerns around the future of work and the Fourth Industrial Revolution – it is surprising that more companies are not using the potential of mobile devices for learning to provided branded micro-learning offerings to South African consumers.

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