Empowering Africa’s Future Through the Mandela Day Coding Tournament

As the African continent gears up to commemorate the annual Mandela Day, there’s palpable anticipation in the air, particularly among those connected to Tangible Africa. This non-profit organization’s flagship event, the Mandela Day Coding Tournament, is poised to make a significant splash.

The tournament had an impressive engagement with 6,000 participants across South Africa the previous year. However, the event this year is poised to eclipse that record. Tangible Africa aims to host nearly 100 coding tournaments, an ambitious endeavour expected to draw more than 10,000 learners from different regions.

With the steadfast support of the primary sponsor, AWS InCommunities, and increasing participation from regional sponsors recognizing the initiative’s potential, Tangible Africa is strategically positioned to stage possibly the world’s largest Mandela Day event.

The overarching theme for this year’s tournament, “Cultivating the coding ecosystem of the future,” underscores Tangible Africa’s steadfast commitment to addressing the prevalent skills shortage. It highlights the organization’s ambition to identify, guide, and nurture talent, thereby feeding the talent pipeline and ensuring the development of a sustainable future workforce. This endeavour involves identifying and fostering talent to improve matric results and nurture a future workforce with the necessary skills.

The event, aptly named “Coding 4 Mandela,” is about more than just a day dedicated to coding. It manifests Tangible Africa’s vision for a future where quality education and opportunities are accessible to every child, regardless of socio-economic background.

In this transformative journey, Tangible Africa aims to unite different stakeholders to empower the African youth, preparing them for a future driven by technology. This year’s Mandela Day Coding Tournament is another step towards a sustainable, inclusive digital economy.

As the organization firmly believes, the future of Africa lies coded in the hearts and minds of its children. Through events like these, Tangible Africa is committed to decoding this future.

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