Embracing the Digital Age in Education: “Bloom’s Taxonomy Reimagined” Now Available

I am happy to announce the release of the updated version of my guide, “Bloom’s Taxonomy Reimagined: Digital Strategies for Today’s Teachers,” now available on Amazon. This revision is not just an update; it’s a complete transformation, aligning the timeless educational framework of Bloom’s Taxonomy with the dynamic and ever-evolving digital world we live and teach in.

Why the Update?

Since the release of the original guide, I’ve been deeply engaged in conversations with educators, attending workshops, and keeping up with the latest trends in educational technology. It became increasingly clear that as our classrooms evolve, so must our teaching strategies. The digital age has not only changed the way students learn but also how we teach. This guide is my response to these changes – a bridge between traditional educational theories and the demands of modern, technology-rich classrooms.

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Diji: Impactful Microcourses for African Language Learners

Here’s an overview of a digital learning platform I am involved with, as an advisor on digital pedagogy and best practice. They’re making a real impact in providing meaningful digital learning to users in African languages.

The digital landscape of education is rapidly evolving, and Diji has a unique approach to microlearning for African language speakers. By intertwining traditional educational values with modern technological tools, Diji offers a platform that resonates with its audience.

Built with adaptability in mind, Diji utilises an omnichannel micro-learning methodology. This allows the platform to deliver content through various tools, such as a WhatsApp Chatbot, the MTN Ayoba app, and an intuitive mobile web learning management system. One of its core strengths is its design, prioritising accessibility in low-data environments and ensuring that quality education reaches even the most remote corners.

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Introducing Code Cash: Your Go-To Platform for Digital Financial Literacy

Code Cash is my new digital financial literacy platform. It’s so new it doesn’t even have a logo (Midjourney to sort that out! – Update, logo sorted) but I’m just making this post to give it some link juice so Google will start indexing!

Why Code Cash?

In a world where finance is increasingly becoming digital, there’s a pressing need for resources that not only educate but also demystify the complexities surrounding digital finance. That’s where Code Cash comes in. Born out of a genuine passion for education and technology, this platform aims to make financial literacy not just an essential skill but an engaging experience.

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