SAM Model for Online Courses

The Successive Approximation Model (SAM) is an innovative approach to instructional design, particularly in online learning. Developed by Allen Interactions, SAM offers a more agile alternative to traditional models like ADDIE, enabling designers to create practical, engaging learning experiences in a streamlined manner. The model addresses common instructional design challenges such as meeting timelines, staying on budget, and collaborating with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) through an iterative process.

SAM focuses on a few critical steps repeated as often as necessary to achieve optimal learning outcomes. This flexible and iterative design process allows instructional designers to adapt and adjust their courses quickly as they gather feedback and insights from learners and SMEs. By using SAM, online course creators can save time and resources and deliver high-quality, impactful learning experiences for their target audience.

As online learning continues to grow in popularity, educators and organizations can significantly benefit from incorporating the SAM model into their instructional design practices. The SAM model consists of a preparation phase in which the instructional design team gathers resources and researches the needs of the learners. Then, the team moves through a series of iterative design and development steps to create a compelling and engaging online course.

The SAM Model can be used for online learning

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Conversational Framework for Online Learning Design

The Conversational Framework is a unique pedagogical approach that seeks to enhance the process of designing learning experiences. Developed by Diana Laurillard of the UCL Knowledge Lab, this framework is grounded in the conviction that effective learning is built upon interaction and dialogue between teachers and learners. The Conversational Framework aims to facilitate meaningful exchanges and active learning experiences by leveraging various learning types, empowering educators in the digital age.

As a foundation for implementing the Conversational Framework, the UCL Knowledge Lab has created the Learning Designer, a free online tool developed explicitly for educators. With this platform, teachers can borrow, adapt, create, and share learning designs for online and blended environments, optimizing their instructional methodologies for digital learning needs. Through this approach, educators can ensure that their courses maintain a strong focus on pedagogical strategies grounded in the Conversational Framework, fostering engaging and impactful learning experiences for students in the digital realm.

Conversational framework for online learning design

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ADDIE Model for Beginners

The ADDIE Model is a widely recognized instructional design framework training developers and instructional designers use. This systematic approach comprises five phases: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. These phases represent a dynamic and flexible guideline that helps build effective training, learning materials, and performance support tools for various organizations and industries, and can be used successfully for implementing digital learning.

At the core of the ADDIE Model is its focus on a thorough understanding of both the training needs and the target audience. The model emphasizes identifying specific learning objectives and carefully designing courses to address those objectives. The cyclical nature of the ADDIE Model encourages continuous improvement, as each phase contributes to refining the overall learning material and ensures a successful learning experience.

Trusted and proven within the field of instructional design, the ADDIE Model is an essential tool that supports the development of engaging and meaningful training programs. By leveraging this framework, trainers and instructional designers can create high-quality learning experiences that meet their audience’s unique requirements and yield measurable results.

The ADDIE model is useful for instructional designers

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