Interacting with English … in the Cameroon

The good news: I’ve just published an English-language textbook that the education ministry in Cameroon has selected to use in all schools in the country.

The bad news: coronavirus cancelled my trip to the Cameroon.

Let’s stick with the good news and discuss the book. Interactions in English 1ere is an English course for French-speaking students developed by an experienced team of Cameroonian and South Africa educationalists. The communicative approach, which structures the curriculum, is successfully integrated with the tried and tested methods of traditional language teaching. All skills required in the curriculum are covered at an appropriate language level and with content relevant to the student. The book has several exercises in each module with additional activities to help improve student results. We included a useful list of irregular verbs and (bilingual) word lists at the end of the book. 

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Interactions in English

Over the past few years, I have been putting my English degrees to good use and publishing a series of English language books for Francophone schools in Cameroon. The series is called Interactions in English and follows the new curriculum, introduced in 2015, which focuses strongly on communicating in English in the real world, and aims to provide the language skills necessary to function successfully at home, at school, work and in the wider world.  

The textbook is organised into five modules which include Family and Social Life; Economic Life and Occupations; Environment, Well-being and Health; Citizenship/Human Rights; and Media and Communication. Each module has 3 units with an assessment section at the end of each module. 

The series was selected by the Cameroonian Ministry of Education as the approved textbooks for use by all Cameroonian pupils, which I was well chuffed about.

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