Recording Content on Mobile Phones

Africa needs to move from a continent that consumes media to one that produces it. With limited traditional media skills and budgets available for large-scale production projects, the answer may lie in our hands. Many modern mobile phones have the capability to fulfil a number of different media-recording and publishing roles, as such, can be vital tools for developing a digital media industry.

Mobile phones can be used to tell Africa’s stories to the world

Mobile Phone Capabilities

With the rise of smart phone technology, it is possible to carry around one device with the combined functionality of an audio recorder, video recorder and digital camera. While premium (and costly) brands such as the iPhone are often the first examples of smart phones that come to mind, there are also a range of more affordable options that offer comparable performance at a greatly reduced price. These include a number of handsets running the Android operating system (e.g. Samsung) as well as devices from brands like Huawei, ZTE, Sony and LG. 

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