Grammarly – a user review

Grammarly is a digital writing tool that aims to improve the quality and clarity of your writing. It is pretty much your wordprocessor’s spell and language checker on steroids. Grammarly has an online platform as well as as a chrome and Microsoft word plugin, but I use the desktop app. My workflow is writing in Google Docs and then copy and paste to a new document in Grammarly for editing and checking. You can, however, also import materials directly if you are working in Word or another word processor.

When starting a new project on Grammarly, you set your goals. The goals are divided into Audience, Formality and Domain, with a few experimental options such as Tone and Intent (I haven’t used these yet). Audience offers three options, General, Knowledgeable and Expert, with Knowledgeable being the default. This option means your text needs focus to understand and read. Formality looks at the use of slang and casual language and is divided into Informal, Neutral and Formal. Domain is where you have the most options. You can select whether your text is Academic, Business, General, Email, Casual or Creative, with rules and conventions applied based on your selection. 

Setting your goals at the start of a project

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