Introducing Diji

WhatsApp Bot for learning in local languages

South Africa is in a skills crisis, compounded by the demands of an increasingly digital world. Its citizens need to learn basic digital skills, including how to use computers and how to search for, and assess, information. These skills could enable them to start their own small business or to recognise fake news and scams online.

Online learning platforms do not cater for the majority of South Africans. The courses use too much data and are presented in a language that is not familiar to the learner. We conducted research with over 8,000 respondents and 94.5% of them wanted to learn on their cell phone and in their mother tongue language.  

With Diji, our WhatsApp chatbot, we have combined the power of WhatsApp and mother tongue language learning to develop short courses on basic digital skills for Zulu speakers. Click here to start learning digital skills on WhatsApp, in Zulu, for free!

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