SACE-endorsed Workshops for Digital Skills and Coding & Robotics

Both these workshops represent an important stride towards enhancing technological literacy and adapting education to the rapidly evolving digital landscape. They are structured to offer robust training that can be practically applied in the classroom, ensuring teachers are well-prepared to educate future generations in this increasingly tech-driven world.

ICT Skills Every Teacher Should Have Level 1: Basic Workshop

Who? Experienced educators, trainee teachers, school support staff, parents

Where? Face-to-face at your school or local district venue, or online

What? This 2-day, SACE-accredited workshop focuses on essential ICT skills for educators. It covers areas such as ICT Literacy, Communications, Cloud Services, Productivity Software, Content Management, Integration, and Online Collaboration.

Cost: R1 575 (including textbook), R1 400 if you already have the textbook

What you get:

  • 14 hours of practical training
  • Print and digital training manual and resources
  • Pre and post-workshop tests to measure competence
  • 15 CPD points
  • Confidence to connect computers, digital content, and curriculum delivery

Cambridge’s Level 1: Basic workshop is designed to boost educators’ ICT skills and confidence, facilitating a smoother transition to digital education.

How to Teach Coding and Robotics in the Foundation Phase

Who? Foundation Phase teachers

Where? Face-to-face at your school or local district venue, or online

What? This 3-day, SACE-accredited workshop is a comprehensive introduction to Coding and Robotics, aimed at preparing learners for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It includes hands-on training in the five Knowledge Strands, Activity-based learning, Unplugged activities, Assessment for Coding and Robotics, and practical guidance for resource-challenged schools.

Cost: R1 850

What you get:

  • 21 hours of practical training
  • A 52-page manual (printed and digital) with subject content knowledge, all activities, and further resources
  • 15 CPD points

Developed by Cambridge and fully aligned with the CAPS curriculum, this workshop equips Foundation Phase teachers to start their Coding and Robotics journey, focusing on practical, hands-on training.

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