AI Tools for Publishing, Guest Lecture, University of Witwatersrand

I recently presented a guest lecture for postgraduate students on how artificial intelligence is changing educational publishing.

Here’s the lecture introduction by Laetitia Cassells, Head of Division:

While the legal debates around copyright continue in the ongoing adaptation to AI, especially significant in South Africa as part of larger copyright and access debates, we can lose sight of the empowerment possible with technological advances – if properly disseminated and utilized. You can review the recent webinar on AI and the Law from the Mandela Institute at Wits here for more information: 

This Wednesday Cambridge University Press and Assessment joins us again on the Wits Publishing program, when we host Niall McNulty, currently a publishing manager at their Cape Town office. 

Niall has extended his interest and background as a digital publisher into the AI revolution through engaging in generative content tools, from additional support for authors developing materials to apply assessment, to assisting content producers with prompt generation guidelines. 

When AI is discussed it is often discussed as a challenge to the traditional operation of publishers like CUP&A and others – Niall reminds us of the most significant contributions an AI can provide publishers, and how to empower yourself as a content intermediary by using AI as support. 

Here’s the lecture:

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